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The Venereologist in Balewadi, Pune offers care to people who are suffering from different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases or STD. Here at HealthBay Clinic, we are expert in dealing with a professional diagnosis and proper handling of venereal infection.

People with intimate pustules, ulcers oedemas, and redness must immediately contact HealthBay Clinic to assess the condition. If you experience pain during intercourse, itching and unpleasant smell or if you notice a burning of your skin and change in the color and consistently of secretion, you must immediately find a venereologist near me.

All the symptoms mentioned above might indicate a venereal illness, so you must call or visit us right away to begin the appropriate treatment.

Prevention is very important, that is why we educate our patient regarding sexually transmitted diseases and how to keep away from them. During your visit, our Venereologist will give all needed information and point outright action to be followed by our patient. Your visit is fully confidential, and we give our clients with discretion, safety, and the best care.

We are Treat Different Kinds of Venereal Diseases

We at HealthBay Clinic are expert in dealing with the treatment of venereal illnesses caused by bacteria like dysentery, chlamydiosis, gonorrhea, and those caused by viruses like HIV, BBV, mononucleosis, and HTLV. We are also expert in treating other types of illnesses like scabies, crab louse, amoebiosis, mycosis, and trichomoniasis. Here at HealthBay Clinic, we also offer medical care to those who are experiencing from urethritis, herpes, vulvar, and vaginal inflammation. We also treat prepuce lesions and glans penis.


Difference between Dermatology and Venereology

There is a difference between venerology and dermatology. Dermatology is concerned with the illnesses of your outer skin as well as inner mucous membranes while venerology is dealing with the illness which can be acquired through intercourse.

A venereologist and a dermatologist can determine skin and sexually transmitted illnesses through alterations in the mucous or skin membranes. He makes use of probes to perform an array of examinations in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

When Should I Make an Appoint with you Venereologist?

You must visit our Venereologist each time there are alarming symptoms on your skin in and around your genitals like redness, itching, pain when having sex, pustules, and anabiosis.

Meet the Venereologist at HealthBay Clinic

We have the best venereologist doctor in Balewadi. They are board-certified and have many years of experience in the field.  Patients going to our Clinic can rely on individual treatment with care and empathy. We offer a comfortable environment and full-inclusive diagnostic test.  Our Venereologist might be distinguished by a superb approach towards patients.  Our specialists treat every patient with the utmost attention.

For the best Venereologist near me, please call HealthBay Clinic now. We are open from Monday until Sunday. We have staff always available to assist. Our customer number is always open for your call and inquiries. We encourage you to book an appointment now!


Dr. Sudhir is genuine dermatologist.
Good man, identifying disease properly.

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