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Family Doctor

Looking for a family physician in Balewadi? Look no further than HealthBay Clinic. We are a primary care clinic providing the combined services of a clinic and a diagnostic facility. Our objective is to make superior healthcare more accessible and reasonable for every family by bringing its services closer to everyone. For a reliable family physician near me, call HealthBay Clinic now!

What are the Advantages of Having a Family Physician?

If you are raising a family in Balewadi, Pune, choosing a long term Balewadi family physician is a remarkable idea. A family physician keeps your children healthy, provides you and your partner body checkups, and most significantly, serves as your dependable care provider if illness or injury arises.

We have created a guide on the advantages of having a family physician:

Provide Care for the Entire Body

Our family physicians are well trained to provide treatment to our patient. We will treat all body organs, every illness, and both genders and at all ages. Thus, regardless of sex, age or kind of illness in the context of the family, our family physician works along with their patients to get the best possible result using the best and most cost-efficient means.

Doctor-Patient Repport

By going to the same physician for every member of the family, you can develop a close rapport with one another. Thus, it allows your loved ones, most especially if you have children to become more comfortable going to see the physician.


Personalized and Preventative Care

With this close rapport comes a profound understanding for your physician as what your medical concerns and issues are. This will enable our family doctor to provide you a personalized, in-depth care and advice.

Health Resource

When personalized care and close rapport are combined, you get a remarkable health resource. In case you or any member of the family has a minor health issue, you can go in and get it examined.

The main objective for a family physician is to keep every member of the family feeling happy, healthy, and taken care of.

Why Choose Us?

Our family physicians are always available to see you. They are well-trained to see an array of patients, whether old or young. With our family physician, you can set appointments in advance.

It doesn’t matter if you need a blood sugar test or x-ray; we are the best clinic to visit. Our family physician makes use of advanced imaging equipment, and our lab tests are processed at an accredited laboratory.

We have the medicines your family needs, which include branded and generic. Our family physician makes sure all our medicines conform to safety and quality standards.

How much HealthBay Clinic family physician charge?

Our consultation fee ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500. An additional fee is required if you need to undergo various tests.

Call Us Now

Give your loved ones the gift of compassionate and comprehensive medical care. To make an appointment with our trusted family physician, call HealthBay Clinic now at 020 744 73 5730 or 020 744 73 5731.


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