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The food you eat is closely associated with your risk for various illnesses, and diet is a vital part of recovery from various medical concerns. What ‘You Are’ is ‘What You Eat’.It doesn’t matter if you want to enhance your diet or recovering from a surgery, experts can assist you in developing a general wellness plan.

Usually, you will pick between registered dietitians and nutritionists, the two experts who offer these consultations. It is vital to know the distinction before you find advice about a healthy diet.

HealthBay Clinic – Home of the Best Dietitian in Pune

If you are in Pune and looking for a reliable dietitian/nutritionist near you, look no further than HealthBay Clinic.

If you have struggled before to lose weight, well, you’re not alone. At HealthBay Clinic, the technique we use in helping you gain control of your wellbeing is different from most other medical programs. You do not need to follow a unique meal plan, don’t need to follow a special diet or keep a food diary. We provide an unusual approach that concentrates on health beyond weight loss, gives you practical techniques which fit into your hectic life. This technique combines mindful eating as well as psychological approach, which will enable you to make and maintain better food choicesin the long term.

Even if weight is not an issue for you or you do not have a health concern, you may still be interested in making sure your eating habit is on the right track. Call our professional dietitian/nutritionist, they can help you.

Our dietitian/nutritionists are here to help you make good and healthy choices every day. We are here to help you improve your understanding of proper nutrition and good health. And the most important thing is that we are here to help you on your way of reaching your utmost potential as well as goals.


  • Diet counselling
  • Obesity and other lifestyle disease modifications
  • Hypertension diet counselling
  • Renal (kidney) diet counselling
  • Infant and child nutrition
  • Healthy-heart diet
  • Metabolic Syndrome diet counselling

FAQ AboutInternal Medicine Doctor

Are Dietitians and Nutritionists the same?

A lot of people incorrectly use the terms Nutritionist and Dietitian interchangeably. Even if these two specialists are undoubtedly associated, they maintain distinctive features. The most significant difference between nutritionists and dieticians lies in the authorized restrictions that each title carries. Only nutritionists who become registered may legally call themselves as a dietitian or more precisely, RDs or registered dietitians.

Unlike dietitians, the nutritionist is much less secured under the regulation. Nutritionists that don’t intend to make use of the name dietitian or registered dietitian, are free from government regulation. They both should have graduate/post-graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics, or degree in nutrition and home science.

Who is better - Nutritionist or a Dietician?

Any. Both have similar knowledge and experience, only difference lies in their registration. Most often nutritionist works as independent consultant, while some might become certified by completing a course which focuses on health and food. For a reliable guidance, you may prefer to deal with a registered dietitian.


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