If you have been diagnosed with heart illness, your life and daily routine will change in an instant. You need the best care provided by a specialist who provides the most efficient and reliable treatment with the newest technology. If you reside in Baner or Balewadi and looking for a reliable cardiologist near you, HealthBay Clinic is the best option.

Patients choose us due to our expertise in preventing, handling as well as reducing heart or cardiovascular illness.


At HealthBay Clinic, our objective is to improve or maintain the health of your heart.We keep our clients and their loved ones informed as well as involved in each step of the healing process, from helping the patients know his or her diagnosis to make informed options about the treatment. Together, we are able to discover the best and most efficient treatments for you.

Our services include lab tests to identify cardiac injury, ECG, TMT and 2D-Echo.

Our cardiologistshave skills and experience in providing wide range of cardiac catheterization proceduresand ICCU services – withaffiliations in several reputable hospitals near you.

FAQ About Cardiologist

What is the job of cardiologists?

Cardiologists use medication and sometimes, recommend dietary and other wellness changes to treat heart and vascular conditions. Once a potential heart related issue is identified, a cardiologist digs deeper to pinpoint the exact diagnosis. Often, a cardiologist will order tests like angiograms, 2D-Echo, ECG or TMT (stress test) to understand the specifics of the problem. If a non-invasive remedy does not solve the heart issue, a cardiologist calls upon a cardiac surgeon to take over the case.

It isn’t uncommon for patients that have a family history of heart conditions to visit a cardiologist to proactively determine what can be done to prevent potential heart conditions. Given the complexity of this field, heart doctors may have particular specializations such as paediatric cardiology or interventional heart medicine.

What are the different symptoms that are treated by cardiologists?

Cardiologists are experts in treating various kinds of health illness such as:

  • Angina or chest pain
  • Breathlessness on exertion
  • High blood pressure
  • Light headedness or sudden dizziness
  • Oedema or swelling in foot
  • Syncope (fainting attack)


Our cardiologists provide expert care for a lot of other related health issues.

How does the role of a cardiologist differ from that of an interventional cardiologist?

Interventional cardiologists and cardiologists both focus on heart conditions; interventional cardiologist is trained to do invasive procedures, whereas cardiologist is not. Cardiologists, on the other hand, is responsible for assessing cardiovascular and heart wellbeing of the patient giving them right medicines to make them comfortable and prevent further progress of the disease, referring the patient to other experts, including interventional cardiologist when the need be.

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