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Gynecologist / Obstetrician

At HealthBay Clinic, our committed team of gynecologists/obstetricians is always available to help you maintain your health, providing you the best care all through your lifetime. From teenage years through menopause, HealthBay Clinic gynecologist is well-trained to offer exceptional

Radiology/ Sonography

HealthBay Clinic has been serving Balewadi and its nearby areas for many years now. Our clinic is committed to imaging excellence and patient care. Our objective is to offer superior diagnostic imaging services in a comfortable and soothing environment.


We want to give you the best treatment in a safe and serious environment. Therefore, we take good time for the feasibility study, so your treatment is most effective from day one. The good treatment for you is our prime task. The human body is an amazingly handsome and well-organized set of muscles


At HealthBay we specialize in treating skin problems. We work in a small team of experienced skin therapists. Our goal is to offer high-quality skin care with an expert and personal approach. Every treatment is performed in a result-oriented, safe and careful manner.


Here, at HealthBay Clinic in Balewadi, our mission is to offer superior surgical care consistently. We will make sure that proper care will be provided in a professional, safe, comfortable as well as cost-efficient way which meets or surpasses the expectations of the patients we serve.

General Practitioner

At HealthBay Clinic, our general practitioner cares for the whole thing from common diseases to severe illnesses and mental wellbeing issues. Primary care is not only when you are ill- also our general practitioner is here to help you keep illness at bay and maintain your optimal wellbeing.

Internal Medicine

Many of us see a primary care or internal medicine doctor more frequently and for a long span of their life, than any other physicians. Therefore, choosing a reliable internal medicine specialist you can rely on is vital. At HealthBay Clinic, you will find a compassionate and capable team of a general

Ear-Nose-Throat(ENT) Specialist

For the best ENT specialist near me, please visit HealthBay Clinic. We provide accommodating, efficient, and professional ENT services for you and your loved ones, along with an array of convenient communication options. We offer to customize care with state-of-the-art ENT methods to make

Dietitian/ Nutritionist

What you are is what you eat. The food you eat is closely associated with your risk for various illnesses, and diet is a vital part of recovery from various medical concerns. It doesn’t matter if you want to enhance your diet or recovering from a surgery, some experts can assist you in developing


If you have been diagnosed with heart illness, your life and daily routine will change in an instant. You need the best care provided by a specialist who provides the most efficient and reliable treatments with the newest technology. If you reside in Baner or Balewadi and looking for


Searching for a new pediatrician in Baner? Congratulations! We are pleased and thrilled that you’re considering using our service. HealthBay Clinic believes it as an opportunity to work with you in the care of your little ones in the months ahead. You can call us or browse our website to know


Looking for a psychiatrist near me? Look no further than HealthBay Clinic. We offer the best psychiatrist near me that can give complete and all-inclusive programs in education, clinical care, research as well as community outreach. In collaboration with our broader duty of providing


Homeopathy refers to the natural type of medicine utilized by more than 200 million people from all corners of the globe to treat chronic and acute conditions. This kind of treatment is based on a standard of “like cures like.” It signifies a substance consumed in a small amount will treat


We conduct our operations through our laboratory and service network. As of March 31, 2018, our laboratory network consists of 106 clinical laboratories and our service network comprises 1,130 patient touch points (out of which 28 are located outside India).

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