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Flu Vaccine/Flu

Flu or influenza is a virus infection caused by influenza viruses. It is extremely contagious, infecting the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) and sometimes lower respiratory tract (bronchi and lungs). It causes mild to severe illness. The best way...

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Stay Safe from Novel Coronavirus

There has been an outbreak of respiratory ailment caused by Novel Coronavirus spreading pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Cases have also been reported in Japan, Thailand, Beijing, and Shenzhen. There have been confirmed cases of ~150,000 worldwide and deaths of 5,600 as-on...

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Why Should You Keep Doing Regular Body Checkup?

Regular body check-up is vital for general wellbeing, as it offers you a detailed and systematic overview of your general health. Considering that healthcare is set in place to assist you in keeping track of your wellbeing, still, you need to know the significance of...

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Which is the Best Flu vaccine for Children?

Children aged six months to five years can receive the complimentary flu vaccine. Flu is an extremely contagious illness. Kids are at danger of serious health complicated once they acquire flu. Influenza popularly called as flu is an exceptionally...

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